What is Love?

First of all, we are very little to say about love, it’s almost impossible to explain and express love in text. We are just trying to collect famous saying and presenting here before you in a collaborative way. Its definition and understanding vary from person to person.

Love through the eyes of a Philosopher:-

Love is a sacred emotion that connects humans. It is the binding force that brings people together & creates harmony in the world. Love is not just about romantic relationships, but also about our love for family, friends, and even ourselves. It is the foundation of human relationships and the key to a successful fulfilled life. Love is selfless, compassionate, and forgiving. The light of love guides us through the darkness and the warmth that keeps us going. It is the beauty of life and the essence of our existence. Love is the ultimate truth and the most important pillar of human existence and civilisation.

Love is a very complex emotion that consists of many different aspects, including affection, attachment, caring, and desire. Feelings of warmth & tenderness often characterize it, and a strong desire to be close to a person & take care of another person. Love can also involve a sense of selflessness and a willingness to sacrifice for the well-being of the loved one. Love can be directed towards different people, objects and even oneself. It can be a powerful force for good things, providing a sense of meaning & purpose in life. However, it can also cause pain and heartache. Ultimately, the meaning of love is open to interpretation and varies depending on the individual’s perspective.

According to scientific

According to scientists and researchers in psychology, neuroscience, and sociology, Love is a complex emotion. The scientific study of love is known as “philology.”

There are different types of love, such as romantic, platonic & self-love. Romantic love is the feeling of intense attachment & passion towards another person. It is accompanied by physiological and psychological changes such as increased heart rate. Heart rate is increased due to the release of hormones like dopamine and oxytocin.

Feeling of affection towards a close friend or family member is called as Platonic love. Self-love is the feeling of affection for himself.
According to Neuroscience studies suggested different areas of the brain are activated when a person experiences love. The ventral tegmental area and the caudate nucleus are activated when a person experiences romantic love. The dorsal striatum and the anterior cingulate cortex are activated during platonic love.
Overall, love is a complex emotion that is influenced by a variety of factors such as biology, psychology, and social and cultural upbringing. However, more research is needed to fully understand the nature of love and its underlying mechanisms.

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