Important Rituals in Hindu Marriages

In addition to the elements mentioned in 7 Rituals, there are also some other important rituals performed during a Hindu marriage ceremony:

  1. Kanyadaan: Father of the bride gives her hand in marriage to the groom, symbolizing his blessing & acceptance of permanent union.
  2. Panigrahan: Groom holds the bride’s hand, symbolizing his acceptance of her as his partner and his promise to take care of her.
  3. Hasta Milap: Couple’s hands are tied together with a sacred thread, symbolizing their union & the strength of their bond.
  4. Aashirwaad: New pair is blessed by the elders, parents, and grandparents, who offer their blessings & good wishes for couple’s future.
  5. Mangalsutra: Groom aties the Mangalsutra (sacred necklace) around her neck, symbolizing her married status.
  6. Sindoor and Saptapadi: The groom applies Sindoor on the bride’s forehead & the couple takes seven steps around the sacred fire, symbolising seven promises they make to each other.
  7. Sindoor and Kansar: Groom applies Sindoor on the bride’s forehead & feeds her Kansar, a sweet dish made of wheat and jaggery, symbolizing their first meal together as husband & wife.

All these rituals are performed to sanctify the union of the couple to seek blessings from god & ancestors for a happy, prosperous & successful married life.

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