7 Promises of Love – Saat Vachan

In a traditional Hindu marriage ceremony, the bride and groom make seven promises to each other, at the time of fere known as the “saat phere.” These promises, also known as “Saat Vachan,” are:

  1. Dharma: The promise to lead a life of righteousness and uphold the moral and ethical principles of Hinduism.
  2. Artha: The promise to support each other in achieving material and financial stability.
  3. Kama: The promise to fulfil each other’s physical and emotional needs and desires.
  4. Moksha: The promise to support each other in achieving spiritual growth and enlightenment.
  5. Stree-Dharma: The promise to respect and honour each other’s roles and responsibilities within the marriage.
  6. Pitru-Dharma: The promise to fulfil one’s duties towards one’s parents and ancestors.
  7. Rna: The promise to fulfil one’s financial and other obligations towards each other.

Ok, now let me simplify all the seven promises, or “Saat Vachans,” made during a Hindu marriage:

  1. To love and honour each other
  2. To be faithful and loyal to one another
  3. To share and provide for each other’s physical and emotional needs
  4. To raise a family together and nurture children
  5. To support each other’s spiritual growth and development
  6. To work together to achieve common goals
  7. To be friends and partners for life.

These promises are made in front of a sacred fire, witnessed by family and friends, and are considered binding for the duration of the marriage. The saat phere are considered very sacred and important in Hindu marriage.

7th Vachan

The 7th promise in a traditional Hindu marriage ceremony is known as “Rna.” This promise refers to the financial and other obligations that the bride and groom make to each other during the marriage.

In Hinduism, marriage is not only a union of two individuals but also of two families. The bride and groom pledge to support each other financially and to fulfil any other obligations they may have towards each other. This includes providing for each other’s needs, supporting each other’s dreams and aspirations, and working together to build a stable and prosperous life together.

The 7th promise of Rna is also a reminder that marriage is not just about love and companionship, but also about taking on responsibilities and making sacrifices for the well-being of the other person. The couple promises to be supportive and to fulfil each other’s financial and other responsibilities, in good times and in bad, and to do their best to build a stable and prosperous life together.

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